Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Crooksbarn Primary School Vision & Values

At Crooksbarn, we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which enriches the lives of our pupils. We aim to encourage children to become confident, independent learners who are able to work collaboratively with others. We recognise the importance of indoor and outdoor play based learning in our Early Years and beyond, in order to develop communication, social and physical skills.

We strive to provide the very best, so that every single child reaches their full potential and leaves Y6 completely prepared, confident and excited for the next phase in their education. There is a strong ethos and sense of teamwork throughout the school and in all that we do which results in the very best learning opportunities for the children in our care.

We have planned a curriculum which teaches them about their local area whilst encouraging them to explore the wider world. The children should also be aware of the rich diversity of experiences that are available to them-both locally and further afield. In addition to this, our children also need a curriculum which teaches them about other cultures and other faiths and other ways of living.

We deeply believe that physical and mental health is especially important for our pupils. Our desired result is for each pupil to find something physical they can enjoy and continue with into adult life as we know that this in itself will support mental wellbeing. Good mental health allows children and young people to develop the resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow into well rounded, healthy adults.

We are a family – the Crooksbarn family – where everyone, child or adult, feels safe, welcome and that they belong. Every member of this family contributes to the education and development of our pupils.