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The Green Team

Our main aim is to make our school more eco-friendly and to gain a further understanding of the ways in which our lifestyle choices affect the environment. We have weekly meetings to help us to achieve this and hold fundraising events in order to raise money to help to develop the school’s outdoor area.

To find out about upcoming events, or if you would like to attend our meetings, please see Miss Whittaker.

If you would like to learn about how plastic bag production effects the environment please click on the link below.

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At Crooksbarn we have teams of Buddies (also known as Playground Friends) who support the KS1 children during their morning playtime. This involves the Y6 children volunteering to give up their own playtimes every other week to organise fun activities using equipment. They set out equipment, teach the traditional games and are good friends to them.

The Y6 children are on duty at morning playtime.

Both the Buddies and KS1 pupils thoroughly enjoy themselves and gain a lot from the experience.


School Council

We are the school council and our job is to discuss making the school a better place for us to learn and make friends. By putting forward some of your great suggestions some things can be made possible!

The school council get amazing opportunities such as visiting new places in and around the local area. We meet up regularly to discuss the suggestions made by other children in the school; children in KS2 can offer their suggestions by writing them on a slip of paper and putting them into their class suggestion box. Some our recent discussions have included: ideas for assemblies, arranging visitors from outside of school and purchasing new equipment.

Each member of the school council is dedicated and hardworking and each class hold elections for new school council members each year.

We are always open to new suggestions that would be beneficial to our school. Please place any suggestions into one of the boxes in any KS2 classroom or speak to your class teacher.


Quiz Club

2018/19 was Crooksbarn’s best year to date in terms of Quiz Club results. For the first time ever, we entered teams in all three competitions – General Knowledge, Science and Mathematics.

The General Knowledge local area heat was the first to take place. The team performed well, but were faced with some tough opposition. Unfortunately, they did not progress to the next round, but they were a credit to the school.

Next was the Science heat. This was the first time that we had entered the Science competition, which made it all the more exciting to not only win the heat but to be fast-tracked to the final. This was held at Oxford University’s Museum of Natural History. The team travelled down the evening before the competition, staying overnight in a hotel, then had the morning to explore the museum before the final began. We were delighted to finish sixth out of all of the state schools taking part in the championship. Well done, team!

Finally, there was the Mathematics Championship. Having come second in the national finals at the Tower of London the previous year, the team – having won their local heat – were challenged to go one better. This final combined both state and private schools, and was held at Oxford University’s Sheldonian Theatre. Again, the team travelled down by train and stayed overnight in a hotel. After spending the morning looking around Oxford, it was time to compete! In an incredibly close contest, it all came down to the last question… and we won! This was an amazing result – number one out of all the state and private schools in the country that had taken part. An absolutely fantastic achievement!

Unfortunately, our participation in the 2020 championships was halted by school closures. However, you can visit the Quiz Club website to register and take part in online quizzes.


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