School Uniform

It is our school policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. Our school uniform consists of:

  • Grey / black trousers, skirt or shorts
  • Sky-blue Polo shirt
  • Burgundy jumper / cardigan
  • Plain Black / white / grey socks or tights
  • Dark coloured shoes or trainers (sandals permitted in the summer)
  • In summer, girls are allowed to wear ‘school style’ red or blue summer dresses.


Our PE uniform consists of:


  • Sky Blue T-shirt
  • Burgundy shorts
  • Plimsolls for indoor PE (to be kept in school at all times)
  • Socks
  • Hair bobbles to tie long hair back.


  • Trainers (not the pair they may be wearing for school).
  • Sports socks
  • Tracksuit / jogging suit bottoms
  • Sky blue T-shirt
  • School sweatshirt

When swimming lessons begin it is essential to have the proper kit i.e. one piece swimming suit, towel and swimming cap. Information regarding our swimming programme this year will be available soon.

All uniform can be purchased from Rawcliffes. We ask that all parents support the school’s uniform policy. We believe that parents have a duty to send their children to school correctly dressed and ready for their daily schoolwork. Hoodies are not part of the school uniform except for the Year 6 that purchase a Leavers Hoody. The Y6 are allowed to choose a sky blue or burgundy hoody, however all other school sweatshirts should be burgundy.

If you are ever unsure if something is part of the uniform please do check our website or ask at the office.